Friday, March 13, 2015

30 day photo challenge 2

Day 1: Favorite food {BROWNIES ARE EPIC}

 Day 3: Happiness {Getting on the Mile board is everyone's joy!}
Day 4: Leaves
 Day 5: Morning sky
Day 6: Books {Perferably about Dragons!}
Day 7: Something funny {My friends doing jumping jacks!}
Day 8: Favorite color {Blue, same as the sky!}
Day 9: Inspiring person {my dad!}
Day 10: Nature
Day 11: Something old {My dog bugsey, 14 years old, 128 in dog years!}

Day 12: Hair
Day 13: Written words
Day 14: Movement {My puppy getting out of the pool from a nice swim!}
day 15: Leading lines
Day 16: Symetry and patterns
day 17: Framing
Day 18: Dept of field
Day 19: Rule of thirds
Day 20: Best friend { My brother Nathan}
Day 21: where you sleep 
Day 22: Your closet
Day 23: Graditude  [For my brother who loves me very much and isn't difficult, like other brothers!}
Day 24: Something new {new pool chairs!}
Day 25: Animals
Day 26: Trees
Day 27: Artwork {Painted by me!}
Day 28: Daily routine 
Day 29: Nighttime
Day 30: Light 

Thank you for viewing my Blog! :D

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